Sprawl & Smart Growth

KEYS: Our Future by Design

In the last five + years, the boom of the housing market in the greater Boston area has priced out many, pushing them further and further south, west and north of the city. Being within 60 miles of downtown Boston, southern York county Maine has experienced extreme development pressure during this timeframe, resulting in sprawling development patterns. Maine has historically been the most economically challenged of the New England states and sprawl has increased pressure on the limited fiscal state and municipal resources.

Coastal Housing

Development patterns in coastal communities during the housing boom of the 1990's and early 2000's often favored construction of residences featuring large homes on large lots. This approach resulted in the availability of housing stock in those coastal communities that was unaffordable to much of the communities' workforce. In response, the firefighters, police officers, teachers, retail workers and others who make up this vital workforce, have often moved outside their work communities in search of homes they can afford to own or rent.