Current Research

Current Research Projects

DV-17-08 Testing the effectiveness of eel life cycle study methods in Downeast Maine
DV-17-07 International Conference and Workshops on Lobster Biology & Management
DV-17-05 International Pectinid Workshop
DV-17-01 Estimating nitrogen loads in Casco Bay, Maine
DV-17-02 Healthy and happy lobsters: maximizing profit and quality in the supply chain
DV-17-03 Investigating the viability of a soft-shell green crab industry in Maine
DV-17-04 A comparison of farmed versus wild American eel products
DV-17-12 Field testing a new genetic marker on spawning scallop populations
DV-17-14 Medomak River Task Force Water Quality Improvement Phase II
DV-17-06 Optimizing depuration methods of the bacteria Vibrio parahaemolyticus in the Eastern oyster
DV-16-26 Assessing possible mercury contamination in juvenile river herring in the Penobscot Estuary
DV-16-24 Engaging shellfish stakeholders in assessing ribbon worm damage and identifying solutions
DV-16-23 The Coastal Science Academy
DV-16-22 Student shellfish aquaculture and ecological monitoring initiative
E-16 Arctic surf clam: A new candidate species to diversify and advance sustainable domestic aquaculture in Maine and the Northeast U.S.
DV-16-09 Downeast Whale Watch Training Program
DV-16-14 International Network on Offshore Renewable Energy Symposium
DV-16-11 Northern Maine Children’s Water Festival
DV-16-04 The 45th Benthic Ecology Meeting
DV-16-07 Northeastern Coastal Station Alliance intertidal temperature monitoring proof of concept: What can Tidbit data loggers tell us about coordination and collaboration?