Research & Program Development Projects

Maine Sea Grant supports scientific research that addresses issues of importance to Maine's coastal communities. Proposals are requested through a biennial research competition (next RFP is in 2019). We also provide project development funds for seed or pilot projects throughout the year. See the Funding page for more information.

All Research Projects

DV-09-012 Lobster Settlement Index 20th Anniversary Workshop
DV-09-008 A Sentinel Fishery for Downeast Maine: Developing Local Seafood Supply & Demand
DV-09-011 Spring Running 2009
DV-09-010 Herring Gut Egg-to-Plate Initiative
DV-09-009 Use of a novel technique to assess the DOC benthic flux in the Penobscot River Estuary, Maine
DV-09-007 Movin' on up after dam removal: the effects of sea lamprey spawning in Atlantic salmon nursery streams
DV-09-006 Maine Coastal Waters Conference
DV-09-005 Exploring fine scale ecology for groundfish in the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank
DV-09-004 Wind energy leader speaks at UMaine
DV-09-003 Penobscot River Revival 2009
DV-09-002 Factors affecting egg quality in American lobsters, Part II
DV-09-001 Determining the winter range and behavior of Atlantic puffins
DV-08-019 The Gulf of Maine Lobster Fishery Conference: The Future of the Lobster Industry
DV-08-018 Status, Trends, and Conservation of Eelgrass in the Northeast
DV-04-003 Preliminary Investigation of Sediment Disturbance from Bloodworm Digging
DV-04-007 Defining the Maine Piece of the New England Invasive Species Jigsaw Puzzle: Field Site Selection Using Critical Invertebrate Areas as Sampling Locations
DV-04-011 A Survey of Waterfront Access Points in Cobscook Bay
DV-04-012 Comparitive Study on the Underwater Maneuverability of Gray and Humpback Whales: Using Electronic Tags to Understand Whale Behavior and Ecology
DV-04-017 Maine Intertidal Zone Investigation (MITZI)
DV-05-001 Assembling the History of a Marine Invasive Species in Maine: Water Temperature as a Predictor of Green Crab (Carcinus maenas) Outbreaks from 1956-2005