Research & Program Development Projects

Maine Sea Grant supports scientific research that addresses issues of importance to Maine's coastal communities. Proposals are requested through a biennial research competition (next RFP is in 2019). We also provide project development funds for seed or pilot projects throughout the year. See the Funding page for more information.

All Research Projects

DV-06-005 Characterization of Meiofaunal Associations in Altered Maine Sandy Beaches
DV-06-006 Improved Estuarine Passage of Atlantic Salmon Smolt in the Penobscot River via SeaReady Hatchery Preconditioning
DV-06-008 Characterizing brook trout movement in coastal waters
DV-06-011 Gulf of Maine Expedition Institute Web Site Development
DV-06-012 Ambassadors of the Bay: Vision Quest 2006
DV-06-013 Preliminary Wetland Survey of the Penobscot River and Estuary
DV-06-015 Salt Marsh and American Eel Publications
R-04-02 Environmental controls on shrimp recruitment dynamics
R-04-04 The Effects of Herring Bait on Lobster Population Dynamics and the Benthic Community
R-05-01 Monitoring Mercury Fluxes in Estuarine Sediment Porewaters Using Novel Reactive Membranes
R-05-02 Phytoplankton Carrying Capacity in the Damariscotta River Estuary
DV-07-001 A preliminary study to develop and evaluate stock assessment models for cod fisheries in the Gulf of Maine
DV-07-003 Annual Conference of the National Marine Educators Association
DV-07-004 Spring Running Festival
DV-07-005 Stable Isotope Signatures of Marine Fish Predators and their Prey
DV-07-008 Coastal Fishes of Southern Maine and New Hampshire
DV-07-009 Factors affecting egg quality in the American lobster (Homarus americanus) in the Bay of Fundy
DV-07-011 Maine lobster fishery climate change impact assessment
DV-07-010 Discovery of natural anticancer compounds from a marine mollusk
DV-07-013/14 Centennial Meeting of the National Shellfisheries Association