Maine Sea Grant supports scientific research that addresses issues of importance to Maine's coastal communities. Proposals are requested through a biennial research competition (next RFP is in 2017). We also provide project development funds for seed or pilot projects throughout the year. See the Funding page for more information.

Project Name
R-14-04 Variation in Habitat Use by Juvenile River Herring
R-14-04 Variation in Habitat Use by Juvenile River Herring
R-14-04 Variation in Habitat Use by Juvenile River Herring
DV-14-18 Representing Maine at the International Harmful Algal Bloom Conference
DV-14-17 Testing diets for American eel aquaculture
DV-14-16 Establishing educational kelp aquaculture at UMaine Machias and the Downeast Institute
DV-14-15 Port Clyde Fisheries Project
DV-14-14 Maine Coastal Observing Alliance regional monitoring pilot project
DV-14-13 Climate Solutions Mapping Project
DV-14-12 Spatial dimensions of Maine sea scallop reproduction: presentation at the International Pectinid Workshop
DV-14-10 Public shoreline access in Maine: evolving laws and lessons
DV-14-09 Maine Seaweed Festival
DV-14-07 Student presentations at American Fisheries Society meeting
DV-14-06 Whole-animal and molecular responses of blue mussels exposed to municipal effluent: application of a bioenergetics framework
DV-14-05 Assessing the diversity, distribution, and abundance of new shrimp invasions in the Northeast United States
R-NERR14-2 A Comparative Assessment of Approaches to Employing Public Funding to Vulnerable Coastal Properties (Regional Project)
R-NERR14-1 Coastal Hazards and Northeast Housing Values (Regional Project)
R-14-03 Coastal Flooding and Erosion from Severe Storms in a Changing Climate
R-14-02 Evaluating Performance of Stock Assessment Models for Northern Shrimp and Atlantic Herring
R-14-01 Supporting Sea Vegetable Aquaculture in Maine