Alphabetical Directory of Publications O-Z

The Opportunities and Threats of Coastal Developments: An MPR Roundtable Discussion 436 KB

Optimization of Tidal Upweller Design: Final Report 1.24 MB

Overview of Atlantic Salmon Aquaculture 1.29 MB

Overwintering Eastern Oysters 383 KB

Oyster Disease Update (Autumn 2000) 58 KB

Planning for Ecotourism on the Coast of Maine 230 KB

Public Shoreline Access and the Moody Beach Case 1.59 MB (MLI)

Public Shoreline Access in Maine: A Citizen's Guide to Ocean and Coastal Law 872K

Research in Focus: Phytoplankton in the Damariscotta River Estuary 1.15 MB

Research in Focus: Selectivity Tests with Knotless Mesh in Trawl Codends in the Northeast Ground Fishery 503 KB

A Resource Guide for Sustainable Tourism in Down East Maine and Southwest New Brunswick 8.5 MB (Also available on the project page as smaller, separate downloads)

Results of Clam Tenting, 2001 63 KB

Sea Run Trout Study: The Salters of Stanley Brook 80 KB (Friends of Acadia Journal)

Seascapes: Getting to Know the Sea Around Us 2.35 MB

Sea trials to Assess Knotless Codend Mesh Selectivity: Final Report Submitted to the Northeast Consortium 349 KB

Seaweed Beyond Sushi 640 KB (Maine Boats, Homes and Harbors Magazine)

Southern Maine Beach Profile Monitoring: Mapping the State of Maine's Beaches 44 KB

Stock Enhancement of Sea Scallops in Maine: Growth of Seed from Spat Collectors 121 KB

Sustainable Tourism Along Maine's Coast 415 KB

A Volunteer's Guide to Monitoring Maine's Salt Marshes 3.91 MB

Volunteer Monitoring Along Maine's Coast: Citizen Stewards Caring for the Environment 254 KB

Webhannet Non-Point Source Pollution Survey Action Plan 11 KB

The Wells Bay Beach Planning Process 2.21 MB

Working Together for a Sustainable Future (Fisheries Fact Sheet) 1.55 MB

Working With Communities for Environmental Health (Ecosystem Health Fact Sheet) 1.35 MB