Damariscotta - Getting Ready for Sea-level Rise & Storm Surge

Damariscotta is the most at risk town in Lincoln County from flooding from future sea-level rise and storm surge; and one of the most vulnerable towns on the entire Maine coast. In 2014 the Town received a Maine Coastal Resiliency Grant to study future flood adaptation options for the downtown buildings abutting the harbor parking area. With predicted sea-level rise + storm surge of 1 to 3 feet over the next 50 years, the Town is advised to plan for flooding five feet above the harbor parking lot. This level inundates portions of Main Street, portions of the ground floors and the basements of about 16 of the 22 downtown historic brick buildings, which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The firm Milone & MacBroom was hired to conduct the 2014 flood adaptation study with the cooperation of the Town and the Maine Geological Survey. The findings and recommendations of the study are relevant to all Maine coastal towns with urban areas susceptible to future flooding from sea-level rise and storm surge. The study reviews both individual measures that building owners may take to adapt their own buildings but also community adaptations that the Town could take for protecting groups of buildings. The study compares the benefits and costs of the various adaptation methods presented. Damariscotta intends to use the study’s findings and recommendations as the basis for revising its CRS (Community Rating System) to lower the FEMA flood insurance premiums for the affected harbor-side buildings.

Moderator: Anthony Dater, Damariscotta Town Planner

Introduction And Brief History Of Project

Matthew Lutkus, Damariscotta Town Manager
Technical Input: Robert Faunce, Lincoln County Regional Planning Commisssion
This talk will include a description of scientific factors for sea-level rise and projections over 50-year horizon to 2065 plus future storm surges and future storm flooding probabilities.

Future Flooding Resiliency Study

Dave Murphy, Milone & MacBroom
This talk will include a description of Damariscotta Flood Resiliency Study, 2014 and summary flood adaption options for Damariscotta.

Waterfront Plan

George Parker, Damariscotta Water front Committee Vice-Chair
This talk will cover flood adaptations chosen by the Town and integration into the Waterfront Project Plan.

Infrastructure Adjustments with Flood Adaptation Measures

LeeAnna Libby, Great Salt Bay Sanitary District, and Travis Pryor, Wright-Pierce
This talk will cover the integration of subsurface and surface public water and sewer facilities with flood adaptation implementation measures.

Technical Issues With Flood Adaptation and Waterfront Plan

Steven Reynolds, Damariscotta Public Works Director, and Travis Pryor, Wright-Pierce
This talk will address adjustments from the implementation of flood adaptation measures and waterfront plan on stormwater management, snow plowing, water quality and maintenance of the harbor parking lot.