2015 Maine Beaches Conference Agenda

Maine Beaches Conference logo17 July 2015
Southern Maine Community College
South Portland

The Maine Beaches Conference was ushered in with the new century in 2000 and in 2015 we celebrated our tenth conference. Over those years, we have worked to provide continuing opportunities for communication and exchange of the most current information among beach stakeholders with diverse interests and to present the findings from the state’s beach monitoring programs.

The complete MBC 2015 program is available below. Please click on the session titles to view the descriptions of the presentations in each session. Click on Presenter & Exhibitor Bios to view the alphabetical list of presenters, their contact information and biographies. 

Following the conference, all session materials (presentations, session notes, etc) will be posted to the webpage for each session.



Registration & Multimedia Session in Campus Center

  • Exhibits:
    • Southern Maine Community College
    • Drummond, Woodsum
    • Walsh Engineering, Inc.
    • Maine Boats, Homes, and Harbors
    • Maine Coastal Program
    • Maine Sea Grant
    • Maine Geological Survey
    • Maine Healthy Beaches Program
    • Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve
    • E. J. Prescott, Inc.
    • Dept. of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry, Floodplain Management Program and National Flood Insurance Program
    • Mainely Physics, Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Maine
    • US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Posters:
    • Southern Maine Beach Profile Monitoring Program
    • State-of-Maine's Beaches in 2015 poster series
    • Maine Department of Marine Resources
    • Bureau of Public Health's Shellfish Growing Area Classification Program
    • Marine Mammals of Maine
    • Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge
  • Art:
    • SMCC Art Department Show
    • Photography by Jennifer Steen Booher


General Session I in Dining Hall


Interactive Sessions and Break in Campus Center

  • Join presenters and exhibitors in fast-paced interactive sessions
    • 10:10-10:50 - pre-registration required
      • Exploring ME Seaweeds - from bay to body
        [Session Notes]
        Sarah Redmond, Maine Sea Grant, and Hilary Krapf, Maine Seaweed Festival
      • Mainely Physics - physical science demonstrations relating to sand, heat light, and water
        Session Notes]
        David Sturm, University of Maine
    • 10:10-10:50 - 15-minute, rotating interactive sessions with presenters and exhibitors 
      • How to read Flood Insurance Rate Maps
      • Navigating the FEMA Map Service Center
      • Approaches for Managing Coastal Erosion
      • Measuring Climate Impacts with Kids
      • Hurricane Impacts
      • Climate Change Role Play Demonstration with Keypad Polling
      • Sea Level Rise Data for the Local Level
      • Sea Level Rise Attitudes Survey
      • Adaptation strategies in Damariscotta
      • Marine Invasives Identification
      • Water quality testing and beach profiling demonstrations
      • Dune plants - natives and invasives identification
      • Native Dune Plants for Coastal Erosion Control
      • Marine Mammal Beach Response


Concurrent Sessions I (some sessions anticipated to be held outdoors)


Lunches, served in Dining Hall

  • Lunch with DEP: Join DEP staff for informal Q/A over lunch, indoors or out. Tables will be marked
    • Marybeth Richardson, Dave Cherry, and Bob Green, Maine Department of Environmental Protection
  • Walking Lunches: Join conference presenters for walking lunches at the beach
  • Monitors' Lunch: Join fellow monitoring volunteers and program staff for lunch on the patio


Concurrent Sessions II (some sessions anticipated to be held outdoors)

  • Understanding Floodplains and Flooding: Risks, Maps, and Insurance
    [Session Notes]
    • Introduction to the National Flood Insurance Program: A Guide for Coastal Property Owners [Presentation]
      Sue Baker, Maine Dept. of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry, Floodplain Management Program
    • Updates to Maine Coastal Flood Insurance Rate Maps: What a Homeowner Should Know [Presentation]
      Jenn Curtis, Maine Dept. Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry, Floodplain Management Program
    • Understanding Flood Risk for Real Estate Agents and Coastal Property Owners [Presentation]
      Jim Nadeau, Nadeau Land Surveys
  • Damariscotta - Getting Ready for Sea-level Rise & Storm Surge  [Presentation]
    [Session Notes]
    • Moderator: Anthony Dater, Damariscotta Town Planner
    • Introduction and Brief History of Project
      Matthew Lutkus, Damariscotta Town Manager
    • Technical Input 
      Robert Faunce, Lincoln County Regional Planning Commission 
    • Future Flooding Resiliency Study 
      Dave Murphy, Milone & MacBroom
    • Waterfront Plan 
      George Parker, Damariscotta Waterfront Committee Vice-Chair
    • Infrastructure Adjustments with Flood Adaptation Measures
      LeeAnna Libby, Great Salt Bay Sanitary District, and Travis Pryor, Wright-Pierce
    • Technical Issues with Flood Adaptation and Waterfront Plan
      Steven Reynolds, Damariscotta Public Works Director, and Travis Pryor, Wright-Pierce
  • Monitoring Maine's Marine Invaders [Presentation]  
    [Session Notes]
    • Beth Bisson, Maine Sea Grant [Presentation]
    • Jeremy Miller, Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve [Presentation]
    • Caroline Casals, Gulf of Maine Research Institute [Presentation]
  • Insights from Beach Profile Monitoring: The State of Maine's Beaches in 2015 and the National Weather Service Wave Run-Up Model
    [Session Notes]
    • Beach Erosion Trends [Presentation]
      Steve Dickson, Maine Geological Survey
    • Wave Run-Up [Presentation]
      John Cannon, National Weather Service
    • Field Observations [Presentation]
      Beach Profile Monitoring volunteers​
  • Connections Between People, Beaches, and Landscapes: The New England Sustainability Consortium
    [Session Notes]
    • Do Uplands Affect Beach Water Quality?  [Presentation]
      John Peckenham, and Avinash Rude, Senator George J. Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions, University of Maine
    • Spatiotemporal Patterns in Coastal Beach Water Quality  [Presentation]
      Kate Beard, and Fuyu (Frank) Xu, School or Computing and Information Sciences, University of Maine
    • Beach Blitz: Connecting Communities and Water Quality Research for Healthier Beaches [Presentation]
      Malin Clyde, University of New Hampshire
    • Water Quality & Risk: Examining Surfer's Perceptions of Safe Beaches in Maine and New Hampshire [Presentation]
      Sophia Scott, and Shannon Rogers, Center for the Environment and Department of Environmental Science and Policy, Plymouth State University
    • Coastal Connections: Place, Beach Use, and Water Quality [Presentation]
      Kathleen P. Bell, Caroline Noblet, Abigail Kaminski, and Emma Fox, and Allyson Eslin, School of Economics, University of Maine​
  • Getting to the Beach: Approaches to accessing and enjoying the Maine coast by means other than acquisition, easements, and litigation
    [Session Notes]
    • Three field-tested approaches focusing on creative and collaborative ways organizations and individuals have arranged for public use and access to Maine's privately owned shoreline. 
      • Paul Dest, Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve, Moderator
      • Bob Sherman, Goose Rocks Beach, on efforts by the community and the Town of Kennebunkport to develop a Beach Use Agreement for public use of the beach
      • Brian Marcaurelle, Maine Island Trail Association, on arranging access through informal agreements and leases for kayakers/boaters to use privately owned islands
      • Daniel Devereaux, Marine Resource Officer, Town of Brunswick, on securing access for shellfishermen across private property to clam flats
    • Process Matters: A time-tested framework for creating a beach-use agreement that works [Presentation]
      Ben Leoni, Curtis Thaxter, LLC


General Session II in Dining Hall

  • Plenary Session II: Taking Action: Lessons from a Superstorm
    [Plenary Session Notes] [Presentation]
    • Jon Carter, Town Manager, Wells, Maine
    • Loretta Hoglund, coastal property owner, Drakes Island
    • Architect and Representative Deane Rykerson, House District 1, Kittery
    • Businessperson and Representative Robert Foley, House District 7, Wells
    • Tin Smith, Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve
  • Closing Remarks and Sea Bag raffle