Press Release | Waterfront tools for the Nation

29 March 2013 - The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) announces the availability of the Sustainable Working Waterfront Toolkit, an online suite of tools designed to help coastal communities throughout the United States develop policies that support business and job growth. The toolkit was released at the National Working Waterfronts and Waterways Symposium in Tacoma, Washington.

The toolkit is organized into five areas that offer:

a history of working waterfronts;
an evaluation of ocean-related economic activity in 11 coastal regions within six major industrial sectors;
a searchable database of potential funding sources;
• information and resources pertaining to law and policy that govern waterfront use; and
• a collection of 21 case studies drawn from around the country.

A team of organizations from around the nation, including NOAA Sea Grant programs and the Island Institute of Rockland, Maine, created the tools resource through a co-investment with EDA to develop strategies to preserve the nation’s working waterfronts. The organizations are members of the National Working Waterfront Network, a nationwide network of municipalities, state and federal agencies, nonprofits, universities, NOAA Sea Grant programs, businesses, industry associations, and individuals dedicated to supporting and enhancing the nation’s waterfronts and waterways.

The National Working Waterfront Network panel, from left to right:
Natalie Springuel | Nick Battista | Jack Wiggin | Bob Swett| Lisa Ayers Lawrence | Stephanie Showalter Otts | Hugh Cowperthwaite | Kristen Grant | Steve Atkinson