Vessel & Gear Guide

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A submersible, electrically-powered pump that jets water into the seabed to dislodge mahogany clams and surf clams, animals that burrow deeper into the bottom sediment and thus are harder to dislodge with rakes or drags.

Metal gear of different sizes and configurations that captures animals from the surface of the sea floor. Chains, teeth, or a cutting bar mechanically separates the animals (urchins, cucumbers, scallops, mussels, clams).

A hand-held tool for collecting soft-shell clams and worms from the mud. Rakes can also be used on hard clams, mussels, urchins, and seaweed.

Some deep-water animals such as sea urchins and scallops are collected by divers using SCUBA equipment. Divers collect animals by hand and place them into mesh bags. “Dive tenders” stay in the vessel on the surface to help ensure safe collection.