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Species Description
Acadian redfish Sebastes fasciatus
also known as ocean perch


Acadian redfish or ocean perch is a slow-growing, long-lived deepwater fish of rocky, mud, or clay bottom habitats, although they move closer to shore in winter. They range from Iceland to the mid-Atlantic and are common in deep waters of the Gulf of Maine.

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Status (see the About page for definitions)
Redfish are not overfished nor is overfishing occuring. The Rednet Project is a cooperative effort by fishermen and scientists to redevelop a sustainable redfish trawl fishery.
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Regulatory Authority
Redfish are part of the New England Fishery Management Council’s Northeast Multispecies (groundfish) Management Plan.
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Harvest Method
Otter trawl.
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Recreational Harvest
There is a minimum size of nine inches but no daily limit.
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Health Benefits & Risks
Sebastus species are low in fat and calories, and low in omega-3 fatty acids. Redfish are relatively low in mercury.
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Buying & Preparing
Redfish is a firm, white-fleshed fish that requires careful handling, because it tends to spoil more quickly than other fish. Can be substituted for haddock and similar fish.
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Companies, Brands, and Labels
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Certifications & Verifications
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NOAA Northeast Fishery Science Center redfish page; NOAA Fishwatch
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Featured Harvester
Terry Alexander, Harpswell, ME
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species description | season | status | harvest method | recreational harvest
health benefits & risks | 
buying & preparing | brands certifications | links | featured harvester