Connections Between People, Beaches, and Landscapes: New England Sustainability Consortium

Do Uplands Affect Beach Water Quality?

John Peckenham and Avinash Rude Senator George J. Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions, University of Maine

Spatiotemporal Patterns in Coastal Beach Water Quality

Kate Beard and Fuyu (Frank) Xu, School of Computing and Information Science, University of Maine

Beach Blitz: Connecting Communities and Water Quality Research for Healthier Beaches

Malin Clyde, Cooperative Extension, University of New Hampshire

Water Quality & Risk: Examining Surfer's Perceptions of Safe Beaches in Maine and New Hampshire

Sophia Scott, and Shannon Rogers, Center for the Environment and Department of Environmental Science and Policy, Plymouth State University

Coastal Connections: Place, Beach Use, and Water Quality

Kathleen P. Bell, Caroline Noblet, Abigail Kaminski, Emma Fox, and Allyson Eslin, School of Economics, University of Maine

All participants in this session are researchers on the New England Sustainability Consortium’s Safe Beaches and Shellfish Project. By mobilizing interdisciplinary research capacity across multiple universities in Maine and New Hampshire, the Safe Beaches and Shellfish Project aims to improve the scientific basis for decision-making to support safe beaches and shellfish consumption. Consistent with this over-arching goal, researchers are actively collaborating with diverse beach stakeholders to improve the alignment between ongoing science and the information and decision-making needs of stakeholders. These talks draw attention to the importance of connections among beaches, social and economic processes, watershed processes, and risks from exposure to microbial pathogens in coastal waters. Our session will begin with a brief overview of the project and six short talks and will then transition into a panel discussion of the project’s over-arching research program. We welcome the opportunity to engage with attendees at the 2015 Maine Beaches Conference.