Birds and Other Wildlife on the Beach: Why it matters for the beach, why it matters for you

Birds and other wildlife on the beach: Why it matters for the beach, why it matters for you

Laura Minich Zitske, Maine Audubon, Kate O’Brien, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Brad Zitske and Amanda Shearin, Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
This session will be a collaborative presentation about how wildlife and people can share the beach. Biologists from USFWS (Kate O’Brien), Maine Audubon (Laura Zitske), and MDIFW (Brad Zitske) will share how they work closely together and with stakeholders to monitor and manage Maine’s 50 pairs of nesting plovers and approximately 200 pairs of Least Terns. MDIFW's Amanda Shearin will share an overview of Maine’s 2015 Wildlife Action Plan and discuss the challenges and opportunities for conserving beach-associated wildlife.

Considering Beach Ecology in a southern California Coastal Vulnerability Assessment – a model for Maine

Monique Myers, California Sea Grant
Beaches are well known for their recreational and esthetic value but the ecological importance of beaches is overlooked. This presentation will discuss work that is being done in Santa Barbara, California to incorporate information about beach ecosystems in local climate change vulnerability assessments. The Santa Barbara Area Coastal Ecosystem Vulnerability Assessment is incorporating beach ecology research with USGS coastal hazard and shoreline change modeling to elucidate future impacts to beaches and beach ecosystems.