Coastal Access & Working Waterfronts

Coastal Conversations Radio Program: Waterfront communities prepare for climate change impacts Natalie Springuel Tue, 12/13/2016 - 16:56

Waterfront Communities Prepare for Climate Change
Coastal Conversations show: December 23, 2016

Public Shoreline Access in Maine: A Citizen's Guide to Coastal and Ocean Law, Third Edition

publication coverUnderstanding coastal property law can be daunting for land owners, beach visitors, and municipal officials. Public Shoreline Access in Maine: A Citizen’s Guide to Ocean and Coastal Law describes Maine law and prominent court cases related to public use and access to the coast, from the seventeenth-century Colonial Ordinance that reserved the public’s

Aquaculture in Shared Waters

Photo of seaweed class with fisherman of the Corea Lobstermen's Co-op