Completed Projects

DV-16-07 Northeastern Coastal Station Alliance intertidal temperature monitoring proof of concept: What can Tidbit data loggers tell us about coordination and collaboration?

Hannah Webber
Schoodic Institute

Caitlin Cleaver
Hurricane Island Foundation


Recently, small field stations spanning the Gulf of Maine formed the Northeastern Coastal Stations Alliance (NeCSA) in order to leverage the potential for collaborative data collection and data sharing across the stations, and to enhance training opportunities and public outreach to communicate the implications of environmental change in the Gulf of Maine.  

Scallop Summit

To support further biological and economic recovery of the coastal sea scallop fisheries in Maine and the Maritimes, and to enhance communication and collaboration between researchers and scallop industry professionals, Maine Sea Grant is collaborating with the Maine Department of Marine Resources, Canadian government agencies, and industry and academic research partners to sponsor and host the first international sea scallop-focused workshop i