Maine Sea Grant supports scientific research that addresses issues of importance to Maine's coastal communities. Proposals are requested through a biennial research competition (next RFP is in 2019). We also provide project development funds for seed or pilot projects throughout the year. See the Funding page for more information.

Current Research Projects

DV-14-13 Climate Solutions Mapping Project
DV-14-06 Whole-animal and molecular responses of blue mussels exposed to municipal effluent: application of a bioenergetics framework
R-12-12 From capture to culture: adding value to the sea urchin fishery with aquaculture
R-12-13 The role of wild and farmed fish in modulating the infectious pressure of the sea louse
R-12-14 Aquaculture in Shared Waters
R-12-08 Coastal infrastructure resilience in a changing climate
R-10-08 Aquatic animal health ecology of an industry-deployed integrated multi-trophic aquaculture system
DV-14-02 Metal Accumulation by Seaweeds at the Callahan Mine Superfund Site
DV-14-01 Gulls in Two Worlds: The Rise and Fall of Gull Populations in the North Atlantic
DV-13-14 Invasive Green Crab Impacts on Salt Marshes
DV-13-13 Food Web Dynamics in Cobscook Bay
DV-13-12 Developing an ultrasound telemetry tag for marine crustaceans
DV-13-07 Assessing halibut life history and habitat preferences
DV-13-03 Developing wildlife monitoring capabilities for weather buoys in the Gulf of Maine
DV-13-08 Developing statewide research priorities on ocean acidification
R-NERR14-2 A Comparative Assessment of Approaches to Employing Public Funding to Vulnerable Coastal Properties (Regional Project)
R-NERR14-1 Coastal Hazards and Northeast Housing Values (Regional Project)
R-14-02 Evaluating Performance of Stock Assessment Models for Northern Shrimp and Atlantic Herring
R-14-01 Supporting Sea Vegetable Aquaculture in Maine
R-14-03 Coastal Flooding and Erosion from Severe Storms in a Changing Climate