KEYS: Our Future by Design

In the last five + years, the boom of the housing market in the greater Boston area has priced out many, pushing them further and further south, west and north of the city. Being within 60 miles of downtown Boston, southern York county Maine has experienced extreme development pressure during this timeframe, resulting in sprawling development patterns. Maine has historically been the most economically challenged of the New England states and sprawl has increased pressure on the limited fiscal state and municipal resources. The traditional New England governing approach known as home rule also compounds these problems by limiting means to encourage planning that extends beyond municipal boundaries. To address these issues at the community-level, Maine Sea Grant is working in partnership with the Community Wellness Coalition, the York Region Chamber of Commerce, GrowSmart Maine, the KEYS Towns of Kittery, Eliot, York and South Berwick and others to design, implement and evaluate a series of community-based events and study groups that will focus on developing recommendations for a plan for New England-style regionalism.