Professional expertise in the disciplines of both coastal geology and biology will be needed in all coastal types for an environmental assessment. A landscape professional (architect or engineer) will likely be needed for the creation of mitigation plans.

Environmental Professionals:

The causes and likely consequences of an erosion issue are often difficult to diagnose; therefore, assessment should be completed with the assistance of a professional familiar with coastal erosion and the implementation of Erosion and Sediment Control Best Management Practices (BMP’s). Consulting firms may be able to provide site-specific investigations with state-licensed geologists, soil scientists, or engineers. In some cases, staff from the Maine Geological Survey or the Soil Conservation District may be available to provide low- or no-cost consultation and explanation of existing resource information.

Certified Professional in Erosion & Sediment Control:

This organization develops and maintains standards and procedures for certifying persons who are qualified to practice in the fields of erosion and sediment control, and maintains a list of certified professionals for Maine.

The Maine NPS Training Center also maintains a list of contractors and companies that are voluntarily certified in Maine’s erosion and sediment control BMPs.