Construction techniques that are appropriate to coastal areas involve not only siting of the structure and infrastructure, including septic, utilities, etc., but also design and building techniques that can withstand land, wind, and water forces associated with the dynamic coastal zone.Waterfront Lots for Sale


Things to consider:

  • The construction footprint, given applicable setbacks for sensitive areas.
  • The extent of grading needed to achieve a stable building footprint.
  • The level of engineering required to address erosion or flooding.
  • Potential physical forces such as water and wind.

Consult the FEMA Coastal Construction Manual and the FEMA Home Builder’s Guide to Coastal Construction Technical Fact Sheets, which provide detailed descriptions of recommended techniques to mitigate erosion and build smart within the coastal environment. The Construction Manual is available as a CD or in print copy by calling FEMA Publications Distribution Facility at 1-800-480-2520, and should also be available for review at your local town office or public library.